Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bank Fishing

People always ask me if I still like to fish from the banks or shorelines since I have a boat and compete in tournaments.  My answer is always YES.  In fact, my favorite part of shoreline fishing is that you don't need a lot of time to go.  Here's a nice bass I caught during a lunch break from work.

I've been bass fishing since I was a kid and fishing from the shoreline was my only option for quite some time. I will admit that having a boat has advantages, the ability to cover far more water in less time.  But even as a boat owner, I haven't forgotten my roots.  

You don't always need a boat to catch a big bass.  As matter of fact, one of my personal bests to date was caught bank fishing.  Never underestimate fishing from shorelines of a lake or pond.  Every body of water has at least one dominant bass.  

There are a few tips I follow that have helped me be more successful when fishing from the bank.

Here are some bank fishing tips:
  • Fishing equipment or gear
    Less is more.  Better to pack lite so you can move around more freely and cover more water. The more spots you hit the better chance you have landing a big bass. 
  • What to look for to find bass
    Big bass like heavy cover on the bank. When you think of cover think of weeds, branches in the water, shade, basically anything a bass can use to “cover” itself.  Make sure you have polarized glasses, they really help to find underwater structure and cover.
  • Different Casting techniques
    Shoreline access is usually limited and surrounded by obstacles.  Being proficient in as many casting techniques as possible, will increase your ability to place a lure into key areas.  
Check out my article on bank fishing tips.  There, I explain in more details how to apply each of these tactics and techniques.  

Whether you have a boat or not, never underestimate fishing the banks of a lake or pond, they can produce some really nice bass.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ice Out Bass Tactics

Ice out is something that is highly anticipated by the northern anglers.   Many lakes, reservoirs and ponds can freeze solid for several months, keeping you away from catching bass, unless you’re an ice fishermen.  As the end of winter approaches, all we keep saying is “when will the ice finally start to melt?”  When the winter continues to linger on the excitement for the ice out builds.   For those of you who didn’t spend your free time during the winter organizing your tackle boxes, cleaning your reels and all the other stuff us northerners do, you’ve got some work ahead of you if you want to be ready for ice out bass fishing!

Ice out can be a great time of year to go bass fishing, if you understand the transition bass make from their wintering holes to their spawning grounds.   The bass have been hunkering down all winter in very cold waters, as the ice and snow melts away, water temps begin rapidly increasing drawing the bass to move to more shallow areas where the water is warmer.

Locating Bass

Largemouth and Smallmouth bass can be found in many locations from steep bluff walls with stair-stepping ledges to shallow, dark bottom areas near rocks and weeds where there’s more heat.  The one common factor you need to search for is the transition areas that bass will use to get from deep to shallow.  On larger man made impoundments, old road beds, creek channels and stone walls can be used as a road map that shows you how bass will move from point to point:

A (wintering holes) to

B (deep transitional structures, bluffs, rock ledges, points, etc.) to

C (shallow transitional structures like rock piles, docks and emerging weed beds) to

D (Spawning flats)

Read More Finding Bass When the Ice Melts

Saturday, March 8, 2014

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Rockland County Hunting and Fishing Expo - 2014

Had a great time at the Rockland County Hunting and Fishing Expo this weekend.  Had a chance to speak with Bassmaster Classic runner up Paul Mueller, Mike Iaconelli as well as several companies like Northern Bass Supply, Mega Strike, Shane's Baits and more...

We have some great video footage coming soon as well as some give away items including two packs of Havoc baits autographed my Mike Iaconelli courtesy of Sandra at Northern Bass Supply!

Bobby Uhrig founder of Mega Strike was also kind enough to donate a gift BASS-kit loaded with lures from Mega Strike which will also be giving away.

Visit  Bass Fishing at BASSIN' for more details!