Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fall Fishing Season

As we head into December 2011, we've been pretty lucky here in the northeastern United States as far as weather is concerned.  Every year at this time I'm faced with the debate of whether to winterize my bass boat or not.  Some years the lakes don't freeze over and I can still use it.  Other years, we’ve gotten hit with a nasty snow storm before I had a chance to winterize my boat... and therein lies the dilemma... "to winterize, or not to winterize".

This year I will again take the gamble and see how much more fishing I can squeeze out of 2011.  It really gets interesting when you start hearing “talk” of a snow storm.  Do I run out and fog my engine just in case?  I think the safe bet is to do so and if the weather stays mild and I want to take the boat out, just burn off the fogging oil and hit the motor when I pull out.  Perhaps the best of both worlds.

I have spoken with other northern bass fishermen who feel that since the boat is only really going to sit for a couple of months, there really isn’t a need to fog the motor.  Some guys farther up north don’t take that chance because they might be iced in for up to 4 months.

It certainly posses some interesting things to ponder…  what do you northerners think?