Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Jig and What?

If you've never tried this combo, now is the time.  Here are some tips from prostaff team member Dan Galusha on this Early Spring Jig Combo.

When early Spring arrives a lot of attention turns to a jig-n-pig combination for bass fish. This has long been a favorite, and rightfully so, as it is a great producer for lunker bass. However, during the last two seasons I’ve found a smaller and slimmer jig combination. The combination, which I found to be very productive, is the black/purple, Gripper Hair Rubber Bass Jig with a 4-inch, black Mann’s Jelly Worm. For added attraction, Kodiak Crawfish Paste is applied to the blackberry scented worm trailer.

Early Spring Jig Fishing continued...