Friday, August 16, 2013

The Right Fishing Rod & Reel

Choosing the right equipment doesn't have to be that complicated.  I will give you as much information on the three basic setups I think will give you a good start without costing you a fortune.  I would suggest going with two bait casters and one spinning rig.  In the past I would recommend going to a dedicated sporting goods store to get what you need, but now most retail stores are carrying a good selection of quality rods and reels.  In my area, Walmart is now carrying brands like Diawa, Abu Garcia, Falcon, Wright and McGill and Quantum.

The first setup is a 6”6” Med Heavy graphite bait cast rod paired with a high speed bait cast  reel, like a 7 to 1 ratio.  This is a good all around rod that can be used for fishing worms, jigs, senkos, spinnerbaits, Carolina rigs and even jerkbaits.  There are a couple of options you can choose on a rod.  Some anglers prefer a solid handle, while others want the split grip which reduces the overall weight of the rod.  Both are great choices and it basically comes down to personal preference and what feels good in your hand. The graphite component rod gives you the feel you need to detect a strike and feel your lure moving through cover.  I chose a high speed reel for this set up which will give you the ability to take up more line per each turn of the reel handle which is an advantage when fighting a fish.  It also will allow you to move the bait more quickly and burn a spinnerbait with little effort.... READ MORE