Thursday, August 22, 2013

The New Technique Hump

So you spent the weekend reading about an interesting new fishing technique that’s all the rave on the bass fishing tournament trail. You go to your local tackle shop, pick up all the components necessary, call your buddy and head out on the lake. Your friend decides to stick with the technique that he’s used to, while you rig up the new one and begin to try to fish it.

As the day goes on your friend catches fish while you end up catching nothing or panfish. Towards the end of the day you put it down and pick up ol’ reliable and catch a fish or two. When you get home all the new tackle and the technique go right into the spare tackle box, and you have convinced yourself that it’s all hype. I can admit, that once upon a time this was me, but a close friend of mine told be about how I could overcome this way of thinking and expand.

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